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Interior doors in St. Petersburg

Interior doorsOne of the most important elements of modern interior doors are. First of all -  interior doors . They share and organize interior space give the home or office a unique look, make a significant contribution to the atmosphere of the room comfort. When repairing or decoration door selection - the responsible thing, because the doors - that person apartments. But along with the design, finish and appearance to take into account the quality, functionality and correct installation of interior doors. Any specialist will tell you that the high quality interior doors are required to be durable, closed gently and firmly, without any effort, in any case does not creak. In general, good interior doors - it is not only the style, but also longevity based on quality.

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About Company "Volhovets" Series: Decanto We offer a new collection of doors Classic style, which received the name «Decanto». In working on this collection, we set ourselves the task of creating a standard style in all its manifestations - from the overall impression to the smallest detail. . kampung emas . sbobet mobile . http://sbobet .co/ . Click if you need professional web development services by United Perfectum.
5022 CHATEAU ASM 5022 meandr VŞB 5021 DBK 5022 Chateau DBM 5022 meander KGB 5021 ORB
5072 CHATEAU ASM 5072 meandr VŞB 5071 DBK 5072 Chateau DBM 5072 meander KGB 5071 ORB
5092 CHATEAU ASM 5092 meandr VŞB 5091 DBK 5092 Chateau DBM 5092 meander KGB 5091 ORB
5102 CHATEAU ASM 5102 meandr VŞB 5101 DBK 5102 Chateau DBM 5102 meander KGB 5101 ORB
New classics
Fresh ideas for interior solutions open up new doors of classic "Volhovets". Harmony oval smooth lines combined with refined decoration underlined the prosperity and stability of your home. Details of new classical doors are lined with walnut wood veneer with MDF underlayer and made of the re-array softwood. The frame is made of solid walnut sheet, as well as an array softwood veneer and walnut. Classic soft lines of the door panels are complements oval, which can optionally be replaced by tempered glass, frosted by chemical etching with a decorative pattern inflicted by means of silk screen printing.
  1151   1152   1153
Interio Collection INTERIO (From Fr. Interieur (inner).) - Decoration of interior space zdaniya.- this classic in a contemporary design. Doors defining style interior and is its dominant.
5022 5022 5022 5022 5022 5022
Diplomat Orion Orion Consul
Nuance Series NUANCE is a clear geometric forms, versatility, functionality. Decor elements used in the design - a distinctive feature of the series. Refined from mediocre different nuances. The latest technologies of decorating wood: the web is a special laser treatment for the relief of artistic pattern on the surface of the door.
5022 5022 5022 5022
Diplomat Orion Orion
Series: Classic
The proposed range is characterized by architectural forms, standing above any fashion. Classic outline of linear or curved elements, veneer fine wood, perfect for any type of situation, increasing the value of each space. These models are always in tune with the times.
5022 5022 5022 5022 5022 5022
Diplomat Orion Orion Consul
Series: Tekton
Clearly modulated for use in the composition of a modern interior range, made in exquisitely rigorous geometric forms, emphasizing the "apparent simplicity" design, manufactured with the latest technologies and the maximum transmitting the natural beauty of the material.
Anegri 202h 2021 Anegri 202h 2024 Anegri 202h 2025 Anegre 202h TL 2021 TL Anegre 202h TL 2024 TL Anegri 203h 2031
Anegri 203h 2034 Walnut 204h 2041 Walnut 204h 2042 Maple 204hK 2041k Maple 204hK 2042k Anegri 205h 2051
Anegri 205h 2052 Anegri 205h 2054 Anegre 205h TL 2051tl Anegre 205h TL 2052tl Anegre 205h TL 2054tl Anegre 206h (Intarsia) 2061
Anegre 206h (Intarsia) 2062 Anegre 206h (Intarsia) 2064 Walnut 206h (Intarsia) 2061or Walnut 206h (Intarsia) 2062or Walnut 206h (Intarsia) 2064or
Series: Modum
Design doors - modern minimalism. This is the motto under which this series was created. The narrow horizontal bands of glass, embedded in the canvas - a spectacular element and a design feature doors that meet the fashion style of interior decoration.
Bleached oak 401h 4012 Bleached oak 401h 4016 Bleached oak 401h 4017 Wenge 401hV 4012v Wenge 401hV 4016v Wenge 401hV 4017v
Oak Amber AH 402h 4021dya Oak Amber AH 402h 4022dya Oak Amber AH 402h 4023dya Oak Amber AH 402h 4024dya Oak Cream 402h DC 4021dk Oak Cream 402h DC 4022dk
Oak Cream 402h DC 4023dk Oak Cream 402h DC 4024dk Oak fumed 402h DM 4021dm Oak fumed 402h DM 4022dm Oak fumed 402h DM 4023dm Oak fumed 402h DM 4024dm
Sliding doors
Sliding interior doors - a specially designed set of parts, accessories and components for the installation of any leaf of our factory (except 2025, 1126) as sliding. Full combination finishing sliding door panels and the system allows you to perfectly fit our doors in your interior and save space. Prices >>>


About Company "BFI"

Doors Laminated "modern"
APS-11 APS-16 APS-15 DLO-17 DLF
DLF0 DLO DLS MDF door with inset APS-21
APS-22 APS-23 APS-24 APS-25 DLO-8
APS-31 APS-32 APS-33 APS-34 APS-35
DL-1 APS-20 APS-36 APS-37 DLO-9
APS-38 APS-39 APS-40 APS-41 APS-42
Doors Laminated "classic" doors veneered
DSHO-201F DŞF-202F DŞF-203F DŞF-301 DŞF-301F
DŞF-302 DŞF-302F DŞF-303F DŞF-304F DŞF-305F
DŞO-202F DŞO-203F DŞO-303F DŞO-304F DŞO-305F



About Company "Consul"

Sofia adviser Selena premier
Diplomat Orion Orion Consul
Consul Classic Classic Violetta
Violetta Amin Amin Amelia
Amelia Alia Alia Orion 2
Milori East Diplomat

Prices >>>

Mario Riolo

About Company "Mario Riolli"

Prio-amore series:
103 2112LR3 111 120C
120 130 211 411
103 211 111c 220
120h 130 411 120
220R3 2112LR3

Prices >>>


About Company "Maestro"

Series: interior doors premiere

Company "Maestro" - the enterprise of the European level, the production and sale of interior doors. The company offers a wide range of products: wooden doors, interior doors, paneled doors. Only high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of doors.

P11 Alder

Q12 Cherry

P21 Alder

P22 Cherry

P213 Cherry

P223 Italian walnut

P31 Alder

Win32 Italian walnut

P41 Alder

P42 Cherry


Italian walnut


Italian walnut
P51 Alder

P52 Italian walnut




P61 Alder

P62 Italian walnut


Italian walnut

Italian walnut
P71 Italian walnut

P72 Alder

P81 Alder

P82 Italian walnut


Italian walnut

Italian walnut
P91 Italian walnut

P92 Alder


Italian walnut

Italian walnut

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Series: Classic  
5022 CHATEAU ASM 5022 meandr VŞB 5021 DBK 5022 Chateau DBM
5022 meander KGB 5021 ORB 5072 Chateau DBM 5072 meander KGB
5072 CHATEAU ASM 5072 meandr VŞB 5071 DBK
Series: Lego
5022 5022
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Alexandria Doors

Information on the Company "Alexandria Doors"


Madrid Madrid





























Prices >>>

Our company operates in the market input burglar doors in 1996 and has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality doors with a full range of services for the customer: from competent consultation and professional measure to dismantle the existing door and high-quality installation of the new doors, the maximum meets the requirements of the buyer.

Introducing your choosing  interior doors in St. Petersburg  with a full range of services, from consulting and measuring to delivery and installation.
We offer interior doors are only known on the market of quality products manufacturers. Our catalog presents:  the doors of solid oak and beech production factory OSB (Maikop), wooden doors of solid pine veneer valuable species of factory production of " Alexandria Doors " (Ulyanovsk), Volhovets (g V.Novgorod)Italian doors factory Maestro (Yoshkar-Ola) , laminated doors in the style of "Modern" and "Classic" production factory " BFI " (GS-Petersburg). The doors of these plants vary in design door panels and boxes, on the materials used and appearance, but all united by one thing - high quality products.

Types of doors

Generally,  interior doors  - a hinged door . But do not think that options for interior doors execution are exhausted only classical solutions. As an option is possible to apply and sliding doors . In the modern interior - it is a fairly common decision. Sliding doors allow you to economically dispose of the dwelling space, visually enlarge it, and give the interior originality and identity, which is sometimes lacking with conventional interior doors.
Doors can be made of wood, which in turn are divided into the massive doors (factory  OSB  - the doors of solid oak and beech, factory  Maestro  - the doors of solid pine) and shponrovannye the door (factory  Volhovets, Alexandria Doors ) and  laminated (factory BFI ) and glass doors  (factory  Alexandria doors ).

The advantages of buying interior doors we

Interior doorsDoors in St. Petersburg are made, sold and installed by so many companies. We are pleased to introduce the products of leading Russian factories: OSB, Alexandria Doors,  Volhovets, Maestro, BFI .
We provide full range of services, namely, metering, sale, delivery, installation and maintenance of doors. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality coupled with affordable prices on the door, as well as to carry out individual projects. Of all the companies that sell doors, Mdoors - your best choice!
We will help you to choose the material and the kind of finish that suits both your interior and features of your premises: wooden doors, flush doors, glass doors. We  set up the doors in St. Petersburg and the surrounding suburbs , including the sliding interior doors. Installation of doors is carried out by us in the optimum time.
Our interior doors will make your interior a harmonious and complete. We are happy to assist you in creating a style and comfort in your house!

How to choose the interior doors?

Tormented by the question related to the choice of doors ? To begin with - with detailed catalogs and price on the door you can see the on-line, for this -in the upper menu you are interested in the manufacturer. Still you can not find the door? Do not despair - our website will tell you all the details of the selection. Articles are written professionally, competently and nuances of the door industry. Rely on us! So that you can read:

Savings when selecting doorsWe save wisely - an article about saving money when choosing a door into the house / apartment, will tell you on what cost savings when choosing a door, and what not. Touched upon some of the nuances of the order and pricing - read carefully, do not fall for the bait ushlyh sellers. In addition to the information page you are familiar with the rules of selection of accessories for your future interior door.

Questions in the selection of interior doorsQuestions and Answers - heading, which we consider the most popular questions from our customers. Submit your question you can always pin-mail address an e: (sign of the dog) - the best choice interior doors in St. Petersburg! Doors from leading manufacturers to suit all tastes and abilities. Mdoors is the most extensive network of the doors of shops in St. Petersburg. We are waiting for you in our stores!